Griddojo – grid maps made easy

Griddojo is a very basic, webbased 3-level gridmap-editor, that i programmed as a sideproduct of my game-engine.


So, what do we need Gridmaps for? Basically, gridmaps are information-grids, that carry certain states of information in each grid field. One scope of application is of course gameprogramming, where for example block maps are used to define, which areas of a map or level are accessible by the player or the non-players altogether. Each grid represents the information, if it's accessible (1) or not (0). Influence maps for example could define states of the player speed on each grid, to imitate different styles of surface such as swamp, desert or grasland. Moreover, A*-algorithms, what we use for pathfinding, can be based on influence maps as well, to simulate intelligent behavior. Griddojo is still in a very BETA-state, it's still a bit buggy..


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